Welcome to Lockser’s Southern View Luxury Motorcoach Resort, Middle Tennessee’s first luxury motorcoach resort.

You Have Found Your Refuge. This Is The Destination You Have Dreamed About. Experience Luxury Living In The Great Outdoors — The Way It Was Meant To Be.

Amenities At Locker’s Southern View Luxury Motorcoach Resort

Awaken to the gentle river breeze, embraced by the fragrance of the surrounding trees and the breathtaking sunrise over rolling hills. Just a short drive away lies the vibrant heart of downtown Nashville, a symphony of history and world-class entertainment venues. Craft your private haven here, where dreams meet reality, scripting your unforgettable Tennessee tale.


Own or rent a lot for privacy or a cabin for comfort.


Swim in the pool, engage in pickleball, or reserve fine dining.


Tour the Grand Ole Opry, and experience an excursion into the Country Music Hall of Fame!

Ownership Opportunities

Make your private lot just how you’d like, with upgrades.

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About the Owner

Joey Locker’s passion for the outdoors and deep love for Tennessee and Nashville serve as the driving force behind this project. Middle Tennessee has so much to offer — its stunning beauty, warm-hearted people, and the ability to bring a smile to everyone’s face. By embodying all that is good about this region, Joey aims to provide a slice of Heaven where owners can embrace the best of Middle Tennessee right here at the resort.

Joey’s commitment to creating a peaceful environment, surrounded by nature’s wonders, reflects his desire to offer a retreat where guests and owners can find solace and rejuvenation. With the resort’s location by the Cumberland River, just outside the hustle and bustle of Nashville, Joey has brought together the best of both worlds — the serenity of nature and the proximity to a dynamic city.

Through this resort, Joey seeks to create an unforgettable experience, where people can reconnect with nature, find inner peace, and create cherished memories in the heart of Middle Tennessee.

This commitment to people and the community they inspire helped launch the development firm, Southern View Development.

Owner Joey Locker with wife and child

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